Fotografije sa porođaja su neverovatno ranjiva, ali i lična vrsta umetnosti. U tu čast, Internacionalna asocijacija profesionalnih fotografa porođaja sprovela je takmičenje sa preko 1000 takmičara iz više od 50 zemalja.

"Fotografije rođenja zaokružuju suze radosnice, to čudo donošenja novog života na svet, i slavi porodicu", bile su reči novinara sa takmičenja. "Fotografi koji su specijalizovani za ovu oblast koriste svoju umetnost da ispričaju priču o rađanju."

Pogledajte ovogodišnje pobednike prema ocenama žirija. 

1. Pobednička fotografija prema izboru članova Asocijacije

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The beautiful birthing day of a rainbow baby and yes I was blubbering while I was taking this photo (like sobbing) Guess who’s taking over the @birthbecomesher IG feed this week? ME!!! And you if scroll across you shall see my face when I was asked to do the #birthbecomeshertakeover - so head on over to check out all my favourite birth togs perтн вιrтн pнoтograpнer . . #birthbecomesher #belleverdiglionephotography #perthbirthphotographer #everybirthisbeautiful #positivebirth #befearless #befierce #positivebirthexperience #birthsupport #perthbirthphotography #birthphotographer #birthgoddess #birthisnormal #mynewworld #familycentredbirth #waterbirth

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{ WATER BIRTH IN SUNSET } If you would like to watch only one beautiful home birth video then it should be this one:...

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Heather Sears Photography- Kansas City Maternity, Birth, & Newborn Photographer: Portfolio &emdash;

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This image. The one that takes my breath away every time I see it... not because of any conceived notion about what it says about me as a photographer... but because of the utter strength and surrender it represents. And because of the joy and happy tears that I know this mama experienced in the moments that followed as she realized she was holding the evidence of the VBAC she was told could never happen. Since this moment, this photo has won awards by @birthbecomesher, @birthphotogs and @documentaryfamilyawards and has been shared more places than I can count, by media outlets like @todayshow @huffpost and @dailymail - and to say I am honored by the response would be an understatement. But beyond my excitement for my work being shared... is the excitement I have knowing this incredible mama’s story is encouraging more people than she could have ever fathomed. THIS is why birth photography is so powerful. Because it not only empowers the mama whose image it bears, but the countless mamas who view the images that tell a birth story and begin to believe in the power and unique design of their own bodies. That just maybe... they can do this too. So truly. THANK YOU to everyone who played a part in choosing and sharing this image. And thank you to the mama who allowed me to tell her story. I am forever grateful.

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YESSSSS! We did it again! Last year I entered a picture for the 2018 Image of the Year Competition that was organized...

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I am so excited to say that that I got two honorable mentions in this years 2019 International Association of Professional Birth Photographers contest along the side with so many amazingly talented artists! SO MUCH BIRTH BEAUTY AND TALENT in this competition! I am so honored!! Thank you to my clients who invite me into their birth space and allows me to share their story with everyone! You are making a difference in the birth world and inspiring many families! Thank you guys so much<3 Click the link to see all the amazing images and winners from this year and make sure to share to show everyone the beauty of birth!!!<3 #birthphotography #birth #birthphotogs #IAPBP @birthphotogs

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Najnovije vesti, rezultate medicinskih istraživanja i savete stručnjaka na temu roditeljstva, zdravlja i lepote možete pratiti na našoj Fejsbuk stranici - YuMama